Judges and Stewards

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Other Volunteer Info

All BOF judges and stewards will receive a coupon code for reduced entry fees ($5 ea).

What is a steward?

Steward is a great job and anyone can do it. Stewards are typically assigned one per table with the addition of a few to help with cellaring, overall paperwork, etc. Stewards typically get to sample the beer being judged at their table along with the judges and it's a great way to see just what this judging process is all about. Steward responsibilities may include:

  • Distributing required materials to the judging tables
  • Bringing beer from storage area to judging area
  • Assisting Judge Director and judges as needed
  • Providing water, cups, bread, and forms for judging tables
  • Maintaining proper beer temperatures during judging
  • Emptying dump buckets as needed
  • Checking the paperwork as judges complete it for completeness
  • Additional tasks as needed to help the competition run smoothly

 Should I sign up as a judge or steward?

If you are a BJCP Certified judge, we will want you to help us judge! If you are new to this process, you should sign up to steward so you can see what it is all about. If you are an experienced judge, but not BJCP, it is okay to sign up to judge, but please list your judging experience level in lieu of a BJCP ID. We may move around some judges to stewards and vice-versa depending on the experience level and needs that we will have for the event.